"I have been training with Joel for over 3 years.  With his technique and his knowledge of the human body, he has transformed my body in no time.  He is strong and firm, always pushing me to the limit of my endurance yet being conscious of my capabilities.  I always leave my training sessions being satisfied with a really good workout and having enjoyed myself while doing it.  He changes my workout routine constantly.  I work in television so I have long hours with limited time to eat and refuel my body.  So on top of the workouts, he has given me really good advice on my diet and supplements for my busy schedule.  Joel is very dependable and always on time which is very important to me.  Don't hesitate on training with him.  I'm glad I didn't!"




"Fun but challenging describes Joel Harrison’s style of personal training.  Joel is very knowledgeable and really works with you to ensure you reach your fitness goals.  He challenged me with the customized fun workouts he created for me, which resulted in my losing about 12% body fat!  Not only did Joel’s expertise in personal training result in my body fat loss, he educated me with using free weights, fitness machines and how to change my fitness routine and eating habits so I can stay on track!  Joel Harrison is truly a remarkable Personal Trainer and I highly recommend him."




"After working with different trainers for over 20 years, I thought I knew the best.  But Joel changed that for me.  His workouts feel personally crafted for me and ever changing which keep it unexpected and challenging.  I highly recommend him to anyone who is willing to put in the time and energy as working with a trainer is a two way street if you want results."




"You never know what to expect from a workout with Joel and that's what is refreshing.  His workouts constantly change and so does your body which is the point."